A wide range of LED products for every living and working environment
  • Downlights

    The installation of downlights is easy, thanks to the standardised dimensions. They have a high light yield and can therefore adequately and directly light up a space. LED downlights are an excellent solution for the long term. The downlights have an incredible lifespan, significantly reducing maintenance and they are suitable in many different places.
  • High bays

    The Adurolight high bays meet all the industrial requirements in terms of safety and reliability. Only the highest quality is good enough. Optimal lighting in industrial spaces is of paramount importance. Even under intensive use, the energy-efficient Adurolight LED solutions remain luminescent and provide you with high light yield and better labour productivity.
    High bays
  • Linear lighting

    The Adurolight linear lighting has many benefits, including easy and quick installation and high space efficiency. Linear lighting is suitable in large spaces, because it can easily cover large areas. An extra benefit is that there are less shadow spots when using linear lighting, reducing the chance of accidents.
    Linear lighting
  • Luminaires

    Adurolight LED luminaires can easily replace the conventional luminaires and TL lights in the current fittings. Capitalise on your lower energy bill and optimal light capacity immediately and enjoy the incredible colour rendering. Invest in sustainability.
  • Mounted light fittings

    The fitting is the supporting structure of the luminaire. One or more light sources can be attached to this fitting, for instance on the wall or ceiling. In fact, the fitting also protects the connection from the light source. Mounted light fittings are suitable in many situations and can often be mounted directly in a ceiling or wall.
    Mounted light fittings
  • Outdoor lighting

    Adurolight outdoor lighting meets all the industrial requirements, including IP 65 (dust-free and splash proof). Your reliable partner in all weather conditions. Robust fittings with energy-efficient LED light sources that can take a knock.
    Outdoor lighting
  • Panels

    The modern workplace consists of a range of different visual tasks that require optimal lighting and a reliable colour rendering. The productivity of your employees is partially determined by the quality of the lighting in the workplace. The Adurolight indoor lighting combines the benefits of LED light sources, such as high energy efficiency and high light output with modern design and practical mounting of the fitting.
  • Spotlights

    LED spotlights can replace traditional halogen or metal-halide spotlights to illuminate objects. For instance in illuminating buildings or signs (floodlight) and to light up sites. IP 65, suitable for both indoor and outdoor, also available as rechargeable unit with sensor
  • Spots

    Increasingly, conventional spots are being replaced by energyefficient LED spots. The long lifespan and low maintenance costs of Adurolight products automatically results in cost saving and sustainability. Additionally, these LED spots are far more energy efficient than conventional spots.
  • Tubes

    Adurolight LED tubes can easily replace conventional TL tubes in current fittings. Also available with motion sensor and smart dim functionality. Capitalise on your lower energy bill and optimal light capacity immediately and enjoy the incredible colour rendering.

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